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GU10 Lighting

Why Does My GU10 Keep Blowing?

March 9, 2013

There are a number of possible causes of failure with GU10s.  Poor quality lamps are most often to blame, as they are not manufactured and tested to the same standard as bulbs made by reputable manufacturers.  Don’t buy a ten pack of halogen bulbs by an unknown manufacturer for £5 and expect them to last a long time- they won’t!

Another reason that a bulb may blow prematurely is frequently switching it off and on.  The filament inside a Halogen bulb degrades slightly each time the bulb is switched on.  In high traffic areas where the bulbs are subjected to frequent on-off cycles, like kitchens and bathrooms, the lifespan of the bulbs can be significantly reduced.  Replacing the halogen bulbs with LEDs can solve this problem. Because LED bulbs use surface mounted diode chips to produce light- as opposed to the traditional filament inside a halogen bulb- they do not degrade when exposed to repeated on-off cycles.  They are also far more resilient to knocks and vibrations (often caused by people walking around upstairs) which is another common reason for the early failure of incandescent halogen bulbs.

Other possible causes include over heating, bad electricity supply, over voltage, and poor quality fittings.  Many light fittings are quite poorly designed and if there is poor airflow around the light fitting itself the bulbs can overheat and fail very quickly.  We recommend consulting a qualified electrician when trying to determine the cause of repeated bulb failure.

Fed up with your halogen bulbs blowing every few months?  Why not switch to SimplyLED NxtGen Series II LEDs?  Manufactured to the highest possible standards, these bulbs have also undergone strict safety and reliability testing. They’re also expected to last around 35,000 hours- a vast improvement on the average 5,000 hour lifespan of a halogen.   This means that they would last for over twenty years if used for four hours each day.   This ultra-long life span makes LED bulbs the perfect choice for light fittings in hard to reach places such as high ceilings or above stairs.  Furthermore, because LED bulbs fade gradually over many hours, you will have plenty of chance to replace the bulb before it dies completely, meaning that you won’t be left in the dark.

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